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Science Museum - The World of Science for Kids and Adults

Join us for a visit to the Science Museum in South Kensington in London and see at once how science has shaped our lives and continues to do so.

Founded as early as in 1857, the museum attracts well over three million visitors annually. The  early collections came from the collection of the Royal Society of Arts and surplus items from the Great Exhibition at the South Kensington Museum what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Today, the museum consists of two buildings – the main building and the Wellcome Wing. Visitors enter the main building from Exhibition Road, while the Wellcome Wing is accessed by walking through the Energy Hall, Exploring Space and then the Making the Modern World galleries at ground floor level.

The museum is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe. There are over 15,000 objects on display, including world-famous objects such as the Soyuz TMA-19M descent module - the spacecraft that took astronaut Tim Peake back to Earth from the International Space Station - and a real piece of the Moon. The interactive galleries bring science to life and you can see lightning strike before your eyes, play with forces on giant slides or travel through space under a canopy of stars. Just imagine that you can experience what it's like to fly a Red Arrows jet in our 3D simulator! The museum’s in-house IMAX cinema shows scientific films in 3D, allowing you to be surrounded by space or submerged in the depths of the ocean.

The Science Museum Library is one of the world’s great research libraries for the history of science and technology.

You might wish to check the shop for its toys that are definitely every boy’s and girl’s dream.

There is a cafe and snack bar within the museum. All lifts and toilets are accessible.

Science Museum

Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD


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