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What is "Michael Visits a Museum" about?

Welcome to my museum reviews. I love museums. Where ever I go, I always check a few if for nothing more, then for a short moment in an inspiring environment. Museums are entertaining, informative and many times, they also provide you with a whole new insight into a place or thing, something new to go home with.


What one seldom sees in museum reviews, though, is the rest: how to get the most out of a museum. How is the café? Anything worth checking in the shop? A clean loo? Safe cloakroom? Easy access? Good for children?

This project started in the beautiful imperial capital of Vienna which has more than a hundred museums all of which I visited and started reviewing in my blog.

”Michael visits a museum” will tell you all that! Follow me for updates!

Follow me @visitamuseum on Insta!

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