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Kensington Palace - the Home of Diana, Harry and Meg, Margaret, Wills and Kate and Many Others

Join us for a visit at the Kensington Palace, one of the most known royal residences in London.

Kensington Palace has been a royal residence for over 300 years, and still hosts members of the British royal family, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and their families while the state rooms have been open to the public since as early as 1899. These include the King's and Queen's Apartments, King's Gallery and the beautiful Cupola Room.

The King's State Apartments were used for diplomatic audiences and meetings and were described as "opulent" and "surprisingly sparse", perhaps partly due to the fact that the grand apartments did not and do not have furniture because the King’s visitors were not allowed to sit. The Queen's State Apartments were a domestic residence typically used by consorts to live in and entertain.

An imposing staircase leads to the King’s State Apartments after which a musical clock decorates the lavish Cupola Room. The Jewel Room sports the only known tiara designed by a consort for his Queen. Prince Albert commissioned one with gems specially for Queen Victoria.

The palace is the birthplace of Queen Victoria and has a lot of mementos from her time. As for Diana, the Palace was her residence after her marriage to Prince Charles and during their separation. She raised William and Harry there and this is also where se conducted her famous interview with Martin Bashir. You can see some of her iconic dresses in the "Fashion Rules Restyled" exhibition.

Kensington Place has ground-level access from Kensington Gardens. All three floors of the palace are accessible via lift. There is an accessible loo in the ground floor.

The Pavilion is the only place in London where you can have traditional afternoon tea on royal palace grounds. The Palace Café is not bad either and the gift shop next to it is inspired by this historic royal home - with lots of stuff for your kids and the birthday of the umpteenth cousin.

Outside, stop by the dreadful statue of Princess Diana in the Sunken Garden, planted with white flowers in her memory.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX


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