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Kaffeemuseum - The Full Story of Coffee in Europe

Join us for a visit to every coffee lover's favourite museum, the Viennese Kaffeemuseum. The originator of the museum, Mr Edmund Mayr said: "This kind of a cultural treasure needs attention in a museum", and he couldn't be more right! Join us and find the Kaffeemuseum next to the Economy and Society Museum and kill two birds with one stone!

Mr. Mayr founded the museum in 2003 and after some iteration, found premises for it on the ground floor of the building next door to the Austrian Society and Economics Museum. Use the same entrance to either of the two museums!

Most of the objects come from Mayr's private collection after 50 years of collecting and they cover practically every aspect of coffee. The museum shows us antique coffee machines, pots, cups, chutes, cans, roasters mills and much more and sheds light on coffee and coffee beans.

For most visitors, the true highlight is the look into the Viennese coffee house culture that is celebrated worldwide and recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A café is the place to meet, see and be seen in Vienna. We sit in a café with a “Kleiner Brauner” (small espresso) and a glass of water, waiting, living, reading, chatting, discussing, playing, flirting, dreaming and a lot more. In Vienna the café is a true sine qua non - come and meet us in one of them!

Unfortunately and a bit surprisingly, there is no museum café but that gives you only all the more reason to go to one of the fancy Kaffeehaus in the centre. You can also take a quick coffee at the café of the parent museum, the Economy and Society Museum at the ticket counter where you will also find a few brochures about coffee and coffee making although we definitely recommend going back to the centre to enjoy the fantastic coffeehouses that the museum is all about!

The loos in the ground floor just next to the Kaffeemuseum are barrier free. You can buy a couple of books at the ticket shop but there is no real museum shop.


Vogelsanggasse 36, 1050 Wien

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