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Pasqualatihaus - Beethoven had a city flat, too!

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Beethoven lived twice in a city flat in central Vienna owned by his patron Baron von Pasqualati - visit the home of his 5th and 6th symphonies and the infamous "Für Elise" with me!

Beethoven lived on and off for almost eight years between 1802 and 1815 in a flat owned by his friend Freiherr von Pasqualati and while there, completed several symphonies as well as one of his most famous pieces, “Für Elise”. The charming building was completed in its current form in 1791 and is located on a hill a few steps south of the Schottentor U-Bahn and tram junction.

You will almost feel like returning to the early 19th century passing the flats still occupied by normal yet lucky Viennese, while climing up the stairs all the way to the 4th floor where the museum occupies a charming four-room flat which tells a lovely story about Beethoven’s life in the flat but otherwise the museum may not be among the best in town. There is no visitor’s loo and the museum shop is a mere shelf of rather uninteresting stuff. Perhaps the staff could be a bit more friendly, too. As you are in the heart of Vienna, there are plenty of cafés around to have a drink and wash your hands afterwards, not to mention the huge number of kiosks and stuff at Schottentor.

If you come in a wheelchair or with a pram, forget it and go elsewhere, this museum is not for you.

1010 Wien, Mölker Bastei 8


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