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Kunsthalle Wien - A Great Contemporary Exhibitions at the Museumsquartier in Vienna

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Join us to visit a great site for temporary exhibitions of today’s art at the Kunsthalle in Vienna.

In May 2001, Kunsthalle Wien moved from Karlsplatz (see our separate entry right next to this one!) into its new headquarters at the Museumsquartier. The former winter riding arena, Winterreithalle, of the imperial mews was extended by a functional annex which combines the historic building with contemporary architecture. The former Baroque building is still partly under renovation and will soon be a true combination of historical structure with contemporary architecture - full of the excitement of art and architecture.

The Kunsthalle does not have a collection of its own but it presents temporary exhibitions often reflecting topical social change issues based on international contemporary art in and for Vienna. A true art lover would not wish to skip this one!

The Kunsthalle has also an educational programme that is based on different ways to approaching how art can and should be presented and how artistic practice covers different theoretical reflections providing an intensive discourse on topical issues of everyday life. Read: highly political and sensationally interesting!

The Kunsthalle is one of the best locations for easy access. Irrespective of if you walk in, stroll in in a wheelchair or push a pram with a baby, just come in, buy a ticket and rush off to the spacious easy-access showrooms, and a large lift will take you to the exhibition in the first floor or to the basement where the exhibition continues.

The loos are located in the basement, too. There is a good handicapped one, but unfortunately locked, so you need to ask an assistant to open it for you. The other loos are unisex, a great contemporary approach to equality that suits well the politics of the Kunsthalle!

Curiously, next to the lift, there is a sign that one should only take it alone or in company of people one knows. What ever it is, beware!

There is no real museum shop but you will find a variety of very interesting books and stuff on sale at the ticket counter. Might be worth checking!

There is no café inside the Kunsthalle but Café Halle is just in front of the entrance and definitely worth a visit, be is a glass of bubbly on the terrace after an exhibition or a proper five-course meal in good company in the evening enjoying the artsy ambiance of the Museumsquartier. For the early bird, they also have a breakfast menu!

Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna


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