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Burg Liechtenstein - This Is Where the Liechtenstein Saga Started!

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Explore history in the everyday life of a Lord of the Castle - a medieval family castle still in the use of the family, Burg Liechtenstein in a good hour’s drive from Vienna!

Burg Liechtenstein is a privately owned castle near Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria, a short drive from Vienna, next to the Wienerwald Forest. The castle that was originally built during the 12th century but was destroyed by the Ottomans in the Siege of Vienna in 1529, and again in the Battle of Vienna in 1683, and it remained in ruins until 1884, when it was rebuilt.

The Burg Liechtenstein is the original home of the House of Liechtenstein that still rules today the Principality of Liechtenstein located between Switzerland and Austria.

The Burg is a very interesting site to visit for theatre lovers during the Nestroy Theatre Festival which is held annually during the summer months. For those into the cinema, it may be interesting to know that several films feature images of the castle, such as "A Walk with Love and Death" (1969), "The Vampire Happening" (1971), "The Fifth Musketeer" (1979), and ”The Three Musketeers" (1983), at least if one can trust Wikipedia!

The museum tours take place at every hour, sharp and visits are only allowed with their own tour guide - so please time your arrival accordingly.

There is a very small museum shop with nothing much to write home about and no museum café. I did not see a visitors’ loo, either - save your visit to the café in the village. You will be rewarded in the nearby restaurant serving tasty Austrian meals in a genuine countryside style, full points there!

If you want to know more about the House of Liechtenstein, check also our review of one of their city palaces in Vienna, the Liechtenstein Gartenpalais!

Burg Liechtenstein

Am Hausberg 2, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf


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