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Queer Museum Vienna - A Look into Gay History in Austria

Join us for a visit to the Queer Museum Vienna to have a look at the cultural and equality policy in Vienna and enjoy the city’s contemporary queer art.

The Queer Museum of Vienna primarily presents queer history and queer art in Vienna but visitors are also welcome to a large variety of public lectures, film screenings and educational programmes exploring Vienna’s queer community.

Vienna has almost always been a multicultural city with a long history of cultural production from the margins. The Queer Museum gives increased visibility to queer art, culture, research, and history. You will see exhibitions and stories marked by ostracism, exclusion, and persecution, hiding, shame, and the individual and collective search for identity and the attempt to become part of the social fabric.

The museum is run by the association Queer Museum Vienna – Verein zur Förderung queerer Kunst, Kultur und Künstler*innen thanks to financial support from the city. Part of an alternative funding programme for decentralised cultural projects, for the first time, the team and artists are actually paid for their work. However, the limited resources do not allow to maintain a shop or café. Given the location you may actually need to return to the gay scene downtown Vienna for your regular glass of champagne after the visit.

The exhibition is not properly accessible as no matter which side of the building you come in, there as a few steps to take. Nevertheless, there is an accessible loo in the museum.

As you are in Steinhof, you might also consider visiting the two other museums in the compound. Check our reviews at Gedenkstätte am Steinhof for the dreadful history of the Nazi medicine in Austria and the extraordinarily beautiful Otto Wagner Kirche .

Queer Museum Vienna

Otto Wagner Areal, former Direktion building, stair case No2

Baumgartnerhöhe 1, 1140 Wien


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