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Albertina Modern - Great Contemporary Exhibitions at the Little Sister of the Albertina

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Come with us to the Albertina Modern, a great place to see some impressive modern art.

Albertina Modern is one of the newest art museums in Vienna sporting post-1945 world class and contemporary art. An annex of the famous Albertina, the museum covers two floors of the totally renovated Viennese Künstlerhaus located at a few minutes’ walk from the main site.

The Künstlerhaus was built in 1868 and has since served as a place for the exhibition of paintings, sculptures, architecture, and applied art. This model work of architecture was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph as a gift to the city’s artists in 1865 and put up near Vienna’s magnificent Ringstraße as part of a prestige project that also included, among others, the famous New Year Day's concert hall, the Musikverein on Karlsplatz.

The prestigious historical building reopened in 2020, restored to its original appearance both inside and out under the aegis of the Albertina Museum’s Architecture Collection. The original wall paintings and decorations and the terrazzo flooring were restored while, simultaneously, the Künstlerhaus was adapted to today’s standards for public buildings including barrier-free accessibility of all galleries.

The upper level of this magnificent historicist structure continues hosting the original “Künstlerhaus, Gesellschaft bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Österreichs”, which might be an idea to check that bit, too!

Thanks to the recent renovation, the services in the basement are fabulous, they are clean, spacious and well equipped for all visitors including the handicapped and those with a pram. The lockers and loos on level -1 are easily accessible. The building’s main barrier-free entrance faces Musikvereinsplatz. Inside, elevators will take you to your desired level using your Eurokey. If you do not have one, ask a museum employee to assist. Public street parking for individuals with disabilities can be found in several places in the vicinity, check the museum's web for the addresses.

There is an interesting museum shop at the end of the temporary exhibitions and a charming self-service coffee corner between the shop and the main staircase to the upper floors to rest for a while before you attacki the rest of Vienna and its fantastic sights.

The museum's website is a bit complicated so take a bit of time to find your way!

Albertina Modern

Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien


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