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Patek Philippe Museum - Jewellery and Watches - Bling Bling Galore!

Come with us to see the divine world of the jewellery and watches of the rich at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

The Patek Philippe museum in Geneva is probably one of the richest museums in the world with jewellery and watches on show being worth probably hundreds of millions and thus, it is definitely a must during your visit in Geneva.

The museum claims to be one of the most prestigious collections of watches, precious objects, jewellery and stuff all the way from the 1600’s, not to mention a full collection of the Patek Philippe production since 1839. From the outside, the museum is a beautiful old industrial building from the 1910’s. It used to host Patek Philippe production until 1996 when they moved to another site in Geneva. Very disappointingly, despite the outside walls and all the glory on show inside, the museum interior itself looks like a cheap third class Caribbean cruiser, definitely not up to the level of the exhibition.

We recommend to take a lift up and start the museum from the third floor with Patek Philippe’s archives with portraits, snuffboxes and miniature paintings. Come down through the second floor with the antique collection from the 16th century till the 1950’s, and finally to the first floor sporting Patek Philippe’s own production from 1839 till 2000. Before leaving to look for a restaurant, check the ground floor atelier with workbenches and antique tools.

We need to remind you that the museum may not be quite as welcoming as one would expect. First, there are stairs from the street to the ticket office, so if you come in a wheel chair or a pram, forget the museum. Secondly, there is a handicapped loo in the basement where you can only go through stairs, so even if you manage come in, wash your hands in a café nearby before and after your visit.

Finally, given the fantastic items on show, one would expect a nice perhaps even a bit luxurious café to swallow the bling bling afterwards but no, you need to be grateful for the location of the museum in the Plainpalais quarter of Geneva where there are hundreds of interesting cafés and restaurants that actually welcome you, bling or not bling.

Patek Philippe Museum

Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7, 1205 Geneve


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