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Malva Museo - Thousands of Posters on Show in Lahti

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Join us for a massive show of over 70,000 posters and some local and international art thanks to a Visitor's Review from the Visual Arts Museum of Lahti, Finland.

The Lahti Visual Arts Museum is the newest addition to the culture in Lahti, just 100 km north of Helsinki. Opened on 29 April 2022, the museum consists of the city’s art collection of some 9,000 pieces of Finnish and international art and a large poster collection with over 70.000 posters. Some of the museum’s works are permanently on loan in the city’s libraries, schools and also in different outside locations around the city. The upper floor of the museum exhibits furniture design from the time when Lahti was the centre of furniture design and production in Finland.

The art collection on show at the museum is pretty small and perhaps reflects the tastes of a provincial town. Instead, if you are into posters, this is your place in Finland. Come and see a large variety of modern applied art as some new experiences at the interactive and digital shows are awaiting!

There are loos in every floor and the premises are pretty good for visitors in a wheelchair or with a pram.

Malva has three places for you to rest after your visit. The Kahiwa Coffee & Wine Bar offers drinks and home roasted coffee. Maliki Bistro serves lunches and dinners, including veggie meals throughout the day and Ant Brew next to Malva is a pub with local beers and some interesting art exhibitions to top up your Malva experience.

You can find the museum’s own publications at the Malva museum shop together with all sorts of local design products, many of which have been inspired by the works of the museum.

Visit and photos by Vesa Turunen

Lahti Visual Arts Museum Malva Päijänteenkatu 9, 15140 Lahti


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