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Fondation Baur - Fantastic Far Eastern Art in Geneva’s Old Town

Join us on a visit to one of the fanciest private museums in Geneva, the Fondation Baur with invaluable oriental art on show!

Easily a bit out of sight, in an elegant 19th century town house in rue Munier-Romilly in Geneva’s Old Town, there is a wonderful collection of oriental art. Alfred Baur acquired the private residence for his collection in order to create “an intimate setting that would not have the impression of a museum but that of a private house”. He had each room made specifically for the works to be exhibited in that room in order to create the best visual and lighting environment. The ground and first floors present some luxury items such as Chinese carpets, English, French and Chinese furniture, Louis XVI wood panelling and more from the Baur family's house.

The collections comprise over 9000 Chinese and Japanese art objects ranging from the 10th to the 19the centuries acquired by Baur over some 45 years. Since 1995 several donations have further increased this wonderful collection, representing today the largest collection of Far Eastern art in Switzerland. The ground floor houses ceramics and jades of several Chinese dynasties ranging from early 600’s to 1600’s. The second floor is dedicated to Japanese art.

Alfred Baur was born in 1865 near Zurich but he spent a large part of his professional life overseas. His return in 1906, and settling in Geneva with his Genevoise wife, marked the beginning of his art collection. Over the years Baur’s collection grew with works acquired through his vast business connections.

The museum is easily accessible with a lift to all floors but there are a few steps to take from the street to the entry hall. An alternative entry could be arranged through the service entry, going down a ramp to the basement where the temporary exhibitions are located, and taking a lift from there up but you need to announce your arrival prior to your visit as there is no bell to ring for this option at the entrance.

There is no museum shop but you can buy very luxurious catalogues and art books at the ticket desk at the entrance. Good stuff for your coffee table!

There is no accessible loo in the museum. The ordinary loos are next to the ticket desk.

There is also no museum café but take a few steps to the Old Town after your visit and you will find a vast selection of cafés and restaurants around the Place de Bourg-de-Four. Before you leave, do not forget to have a look at the Japanese garden behind the museum building.

Fondation Baur, musée des arts d'Extrême-Orient

8, rue Munier-Romilly, 1206 Genève


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